Films that made success on Filming East Festival

The Filming East festival brought recognition for the Chinese Cinema among the film watching citizens of the UK. From the initiation of the Filming East Festival, there have been many movies screened that depicted the Chinese culture, their way of life and their talents to the outside world. While not all these movies got the opportunity to win awards, most movies got the chance to capture the attention and the hearts of the UK film watching crowd.
In this article we discuss about some the films that were successful in the Filming East Festival over the years.


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Chinese Movies – Worldwide Hit

One of our biggest mistakes is passing on the Chinese cinema, the occidental film industry is immense. Actually, watching these movies in their native language you can practice your Mandarin. Studying the dialogue while supported by subs is a very easy way to practice your informal vocabulary, Chinese expressions and their meanings in English. We’ve brought for you a compilation of seven films that you must have in your list. Luckily for you, you’ll be able to enjoy watching this list of hd streaming movies completely free online with


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Hong Kong Film Awards

During the 35th edition of the Hong Kong Film Awards we got to enjoy a beautiful diversity of niches, histories, actors, and plots. The single movie Ten Years took the award for the Best Film.

Head manager Andre Choi stated that:

“This is a great step for Hong Kong’s filmography, and there are many other to come.” He signs at the audience while holding the Best Film Award and says “You are all a part of this award.”


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The Success of the Filming East Festival

In September 2007, Filming East Festival announced its formation and intention during a press conference to over 30 different media organizations. Just a month later in October, the annual Filming East Festival occurred for the first time, with the support of the UK Film Council and the purpose of promoting China’s movies in the United Kingdom. Now the UK’s largest Chinese independent film festival, Filming East assists members of the film industry, both in China and the United Kingdom, with career-boosting networking opportunities and academic events where experts focus on the cultural impact and growth of Chinese cinema.


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Filming East Festival

The Chinese film industry has taken several steps up the ladder of success with her large number of high quality Chinese movies being produced every year. These films either produced by China’s own production companies and also international companies are highly accessible and enjoyable for the Western audiences as well. This being the motive, the Filming East Festival backed by the UK Film Council is an annual film festival which brings the attention of film watching British citizens towards Chinese movies. The festival is also supported by the Bank of China, Screen South, BAFTA, and many other bodies.