The Filming East festival brought recognition for the Chinese Cinema among the film watching citizens of the UK. From the initiation of the Filming East Festival, there have been many movies screened that depicted the Chinese culture, their way of life and their talents to the outside world. While not all these movies got the opportunity to win awards, most movies got the chance to capture the attention and the hearts of the UK film watching crowd.
In this article we discuss about some the films that were successful in the Filming East Festival over the years.

The Opium Warthe war on opium

Directed by Xie Jin, The Opium War is a movie which was screened during the Filming East Festival of 2013. This movie starring Guoan Bao, Oliver Cotton, and Debra Baumont was first released in the year 1997. The Opium War runs for 153 minutes showing a detailed display of the first opium war or the Anglo-Chinese war which happened during the period 1893-1842. The movie screening of The Opium War was done in partnership with the E’Mei Film Group Cooperation and the BFI Southbank.


This movie was also screened during the Filming East Festival 2013 as a way of displaying the existence of the Chinese-British community and their experiences. Red is a movie that was released for the first time in the year 1995. This movie is a short episode which runs for 26 minutes starring Jennifer Lim, Benedict Wong, Pik-Sen Lim, and Tom Wu. By the excellent direction of Rosa Fong, Red explores the Chinese-British community which is one of the oldest settlements of Europe. This movie was able to grab the attention of both the British and the Chinese British community in the UK.

One Foot off the Groundone foot off the ground movie poster

An amusing movie that tells the tale of a traditional opera troupe and the fortunate and unfortunate events they experience after a theft. Each of the members struggle to find alternative career paths and the movie portrays perfectly the difficulties and obstacles they face before they find their stolen money back. The movie is directed by Dr. Chen Daming who was an opera performer himself before he stepped foot into the filmmaking industry. Therefore this film is filled with real character traits and scenarios, making it a great movie that sealed its memory in the hearts of the viewers during the festival.

The Warlords

The warlord directed by Peter Chan was screened at the Filming East Festival in the year 2007. The movie runs for a 95 minutes and portrays China in the mid-19th century in a time of war and famine.

warlords 2007

Three brave men joins hands has blood brothers to lead an army of 108 men to make the ruling armies fall. The men succeed in their mission and reestablish the peace in the country. The three main characters are played by Jet Li, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Andy Lau. The warlords display the history and the cultural aspects of China during the 19th century to the viewers of the UK, giving them a glimpse of the war and disastrous events that were overcome by the Chinese citizens.

The Filming East Festival gave the opportunity for many professional and amateur filmmakers to show their talents of screen to the UK public. It gave the way for many partnerships, relationships, and recognitions along the way and more importantly was able to highlight some of the great movies like the ones above, which were made in China.