The Chinese film industry has taken several steps up the ladder of success with her large number of high quality Chinese movies being produced every year. These films either produced by China’s own production companies and also international companies are highly accessible and enjoyable for the Western audiences as well. This being the motive, the Filming East Festival backed by the UK Film Council is an annual film festival which brings the attention of film watching British citizens towards Chinese movies. The festival is also supported by the Bank of China, Screen South, BAFTA, and many other bodies.

The Filming East Festival has grown to be the largest independent Chinese film festival in Great Britain and it benefits over 2000 people in direct and indirect manners. The media coverage for the festival in 2007 included over 30 media organizations from all over the world.
Workshops, academic panel sessions, and other educational events by industry experts are also conducted in London during the time of the Filming East Festival.

In addition to promoting Chinese films, this film festival also gives an opportunity for individuals of both Chinese and UK film industries to build contacts and partnerships. In a world where outsiders believe that all Chinese films are about Kung-Fu fights, the purpose of this event is to give a glimpse of the real China and its movies to the movie watching crowd of the UK.The Filming East Festival gives the opportunity to display their work not only for the established filmmakers in China, but also for the grass-root filmmakers and video enthusiasts.

Over 100 productions are submitted to the Filming East Festival annually and after conducting a session by experts, around 30 of the best films are selected for viewing for the film watching UK citizens. These selected entries are then screened in several cities around the country including Essex and London.

The One Minute Award Competition

The Filming East Festival also conducts a one minute award competition. This competition which is open to the public, receives over 200 entries and the best 10-20 entries are displayed for viewing on BBC Big Screens around UK. The festival organizers gain the copyrights to the submissions and obtain the rights of further distribution.

The Festival Director

The director of the Filming East festival is Sun Xiaoxiao. She has a master’s degree from the Media Arts Department at Royal Holloway, University of London.


In the year 2007 with the initiation of the Filming East Festival, a minimum of 1000 people attended the cinemas in UK to witness the Chinese masterpieces submitted by student, professional and independent filmmakers. The official websites which provided information on the festival saw over 3000 visitors. As expected, the highest percentage of the audience of 53% comprised of the UK movie watching public with an interest in Chinese movies, whereas 36% comprised of Chinese people, 6% media, 4% of investors, producers, filmmakers, and distributors, and 1% of government officials. We can say without a doubt that the Filming East Festival was able to fulfill its goal of bringing the attention of UK film watching crowd to Chinese cinema.