During the 35th edition of the Hong Kong Film Awards we got to enjoy a beautiful diversity of niches, histories, actors, and plots. The single movie Ten Years took the award for the Best Film.

Head manager Andre Choi stated that:

“This is a great step for Hong Kong’s filmography, and there are many other to come.” He signs at the audience while holding the Best Film Award and says “You are all a part of this award.”

Posterior to the award ceremony, the press conference was held. Choi was asked about his movie being prohibited in China, to which he replied: “The movie is meant for Hong Kong, some regions accept it, and some regions don’t.” During the ceremony, their most precious award was handed out twenty-two times. Two of them being for actor Michael Ning, who received the awards for Best Support Actor and Best New Talent for his acting in Port of Call.
Aaron Kwok took the lead in the acting awards category, with his role of a tough agent in Port of Call, getting him the Best Actor Award. Prior to this, the movie received the title of Best Picture by the HKFCC 12 months ago.

After receiving the award, Aaron stated to the media:

“I’m not even prepared for the stage as I didn’t really think I would win, but I’m very glad. I’d like to thank everyone who supported me through these years, this award represents effort and motivation to become a director someday. Hopefully I can enjoy this award with my mom.”

In the female acting category we saw Miriam Yeung receive a nomination for her interpretation of a woman who stops a daycare from closing its doors in the film Little Big Master. The young actress Jessie Li was completely and visibly astonished as she receives the award for her acting in Port of Call.

The movie Ten Years shook the ceremony with its nomination because of the popularity of the film; a film showing Hong Kong and the constantly growing oppression by Chinese politicians and military. The story is based in the future years of 2024. Prior to the ceremony, directors of Ten Years were interviewed regarding their chances of winning, to which they answered: “We’re really surprised in fact, to be nominated. We barely thought we would make it to the big screen, yet here we are in the award ceremony. I never saw it coming.” Said Zung during his first Award Ceremony. His last words regarding the subject were:

“Perhaps we didn’t really have the visual and art quality as some other nominated films, perhaps we’re not as professional. However, the meaning of our movie is larger than the movie alone.”

Along with the film Ten Years, 5 other Hong Kong films were participating in the nominations of the Best Film Award during this edition of the Hong Kong Film Awards. The Hong Kong film industry is slow expanding, and eager to reach an international level with their films.

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