One of our biggest mistakes is passing on the Chinese cinema, the occidental film industry is immense. Actually, watching these movies in their native language you can practice your Mandarin. Studying the dialogue while supported by subs is a very easy way to practice your informal vocabulary, Chinese expressions and their meanings in English. We’ve brought for you a compilation of seven films that you must have in your list. Luckily for you, you’ll be able to enjoy watching this list of hd streaming movies completely free online with

Love is Not Blindlove is not blind movie poster

A peek at the live of a wedding arranger, with an enhanced view of her life during the end of her relationship with her unloyal partner. In the meantime, she has to live through happy couples getting married.
What’s cool about it?

  • The movie adds comedy just in the right amounts, making sure it’s not to cheesy or too boring.
  • High-end quality, the filmography and every single stage arrangement is candy for the eyes.


Detective “D” & the Mystery of the Phantomdetective dee online movie poster

The character strongly resembles a whimsical character from China, with whom he shares names with. The movie develops under the tenure of Empress Wu amid the Dynasty of The Tang. Plot consists of an unnatural activity around the town, in which residents of the town light themselves up. Detective “D” is then withdrawn from jail by orders of the Empress, with the condition that he solves the mystery. He must fight the mystery while fighting time to solve the occurrences.
What’s cool about it?

  • Beautiful martial arts choreographies, with amazing stages and sets.
  • The FX of Michael Bay, just that this movie can actually be enjoyed.

So make sure you see it!

Good of Cookery

A high-end cook who goes by the name of “Good of Cookery”. Despite beingnterpreted by the almighty Stephen Chow, this movie doesn’t feature dark humor all around it, as it delves in deep subjects. It all changes when Cook Chow is investigated and is judged for fraud, and all of his remarkable accomplishments fell down with him. The Good of Cookery isn’t ready to let go yet, so he joins a street-food cook and team up to recover his glory.

What’s cool about it?

  • Stephen Chow is in it
  • We get to see a different face of Stephen as he involves in a very dark and deep niche

Looks like it’s your lucky day indeed. You can watch God of Cookery online complete free and in High Definition!

Lost on Journey

The average scumbag CEO, Chengong Li, who manages a toy-making corp. wants to meet his family in his hometown Lost on Journey posterfor the Chinese New Year so he makes plans to fly there. It all takes a spin when he unknowingly bought an economy-class ticket and turns out to sit next to GengNiu, an immigrant who’s taking a plane for the first time. Geng is also on his way to the same city, where he wants to claim his salaries obtained by being a technician in distillation of milk. You’ll enjoy of a comedy formed by two completely opposite characters in their messy attempt to arrive home.
What’s cool about it?

  • The movie touches with a comedic sense present topics like the huge difference between the wealthy and the needy.
  • You’ll get to see two opposite worlds collide, as these characters learn about their complete adverse.

Not an easy to find movie, yet definitely worth every cent. Buy it now!

Let the Bullets Flylet bullets fly movie poster

A mix of very dark humor and explicit violence placed back in to early 1900’s. The plot develops around “Pocky”, a Chinese marauder called Zhang, who goes to a small deviated town and slowly becomes the unofficial mayor. Looking for some fast bills, our protagonist has to face the town gang, who’re not happy about Zhang running their town business.

What’s cool about it?

  • It has a complex plot that is still understandable, mixed with dark humor and some heavy suspense for how it’s going to end.
  • The film has one of the best local grosses in China.
  • Its absurd comedy and old-fashion violence work up together for a great film.
  • The script for the movie was changed a whole 31 times until the director felt happy with the result.

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The story is set at the ending 80’s posterior to the military regimen. The protagonist, Mosquito, tells us the story of how he was invited to form part of a mob because of a fight he had in public for some chicken. He analyzes the level of violence he’s involved with as he slowly goes deeper into the gang.
What’s cool about it?

  • It was named during the Academy Awards, receiving an award for the Best Foreign Language movie.
  • It has an amazing story of how gangsters and mobs were deeply organized and violent during this stage of China.

Red Cliffred cliff movie

The movie is set back a few thousand years in the past. The Three Kingdoms are in war, and we get to see this amazing battle where the General Cao Cao announces war with the outlaw cities in the south throughout the Han Dynasty. Cao’s ideal was to bring peace and union to the whole country; however he’s out-trooped by an union between two outlaw cities from the south. In order to win the battle, the General must wisely choose his fiercest moves in this epic battle.
What’s cool about it?

  • Massive war progression and undergoing, visually attractive.
  • It will leave some history in your memory; the message is strongly transmitted through the war in this movie.
  • John Woo directed it.

Make sure you enjoy the whole movie in High Definition absolutely free through YouTube.