About FEF

iIn 2007, the UK Film Council founded the independent Filming East Festival (FEF). The FEF officially announced its dedication to bringing awareness to the Chinese film industry bothat a Beijing press conference and an Oxford event that was attended by John Tanner, Lord Mayor of Oxford. That same year the One Minute Award was created, accepting 328 submissions of one-minute films for consideration. The Filming East Festival came to London the following year.
At London’s BAFTA in 2009, an all-day screening of Chinese films was held, and the festival traveled to many different venues throughout South East England, includingChertsey, Chichester, Woking, Oxfordshire, and Virginia Water. This totaled to 20 different screenings of feature-length films, including sessionsfor children’s movies and short films. The FEF also featured six seminars and workshops. The Festival saw great international collaborative success in the joint BAFTA Global Weekend and Yunnan Shangri-la Gala.
By 2010, Filming East Festival wasalready acknowledged as the United Kingdom’s largest Chinese film festival. News sources from all over the world have covered the event. Today, there are more than 3,000 registered members, and that number is ever increasing. The audiences at this event are very international as well, with members from England, UK-based and mainland Chinese, and all other nationalities visiting and living in the United Kingdom. All members receive updates in occasional emails and newsletters spotlighting events.
Starting in 2011, FEF has been the event partner of the British Film Institute (BFI).

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